To double major or not to double major? That is the question.

So I know that I want to major in Computer Science, but I am not sure if I should also major in Nutrition. I really love researching nutrition and providing my learned information to others and I would love to do that professionally. I just don’t want that to be my main career. I’d get bored. I thrive off problem solving, not soaking up information and teaching it. I like putting out good information, but I’d get bored if that was all I did. If any of that even makes sense. It is more of a hobby than a career choice. And what I would want out of a Nutrition degree is to do freelance blogging from a professional source, which would be me. 

So the real question is, should I double major or should I perhaps get my Computer Science degree and then work on my nutrition degree later on or just not get it at all?

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